LawTech Hackathon: Calling Law Geeks and Techies to join! #MYlegalhack


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What do I get out of this?
Technology is disrupting every industry and has changed the practice of law. This hackathon is set to inspire new ideas and stimulate growth of technology and its application in the practice of law by bringing together legal practitioners and IT professionals.
Our Goal
- Bringing tech and legal talents together
- Creating tech solution for legal industry
- Accelerating adoption of technology in the legal filed
Participation Breakdown
- 60% hackers (developers, designers and etc)
- 40% industry practitioners (lawyers and etc)
Who can apply?
- People in the legal industry as a practicing lawyer, an in-house counsel or even a chambering student!
- People in the IT arena be it a software developer, a tech personnel of a law firm with a passion to improve the legal profession.
- Entrepreneurs looking to develop a programme for the legal technology industry, people working in a government agency who interacts with the legal industry.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Stand a chance to be the top 3 to win the grand prize of RM8k, RM5k, RM3k

Get a chance to be discovered and for your product /project to be funded further.

Meet your future teammates here and create your own legal Tech Startup!

Attend for the panel sessions and be one of the first to observe and be part of the growth of Legal Tech in Malaysia!

LawTech Hackathon 2018 is a 30 Hours hackathon organized by Legal Hackers KL, bringing together a community of legal professionals, software developers and digital innovators to discuss, identify and solve problem statements using the intersection of law, business and technology.

Judging Criteria:

  • MVP have to be in the form of a working prototype.

  • Design does not score points.

  • Practical feasibility

  • Is it solving a pain point

  • Understanding the current legal implementations of the solutions (Hence why your team should have at least 1 lawyers)

  • Adoption strategy.

What happens over the weekend?

LawTech Hackathon aim to be an informative and innovative event. You can find the itinerary of the event here!

Will there be mentors?

Yes, there will be 20 floating mentors to help you during the event.

Slumber Party with us! Bring your own sleeping bag and other sleeping essentials.

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Oct 20 - Oct 21, 2018
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
8:00 AM - 6:30 PM MYT
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Sunway GEO Avenue
Super Early Bird [First 20 pax] RM30.00
Early Bird [50 pax] RM40.00
Join with a friend (Ticket for 2 Pax) RM50.00
Late Bird RM60.00
Spectator (From 21 October, 1:30pm) RM20.00
Venue Address
Sunway Geo Avenue, Malaysia
LawTech Malaysia